Flash Fiction Contest Winner #24 – “Zombit Halloween”

Please note: Flash fiction stories are submitted by members of our Discord server. Many contain adult themes and may be objectionable to some readers.

“Zombit Halloween”

Manny stared blankly at the cage in front of him and wondered if he was a genius, or an idiot. Idiot was far more likely. He also wondered how he was going to explain to his sister that he’d turned her pet bunny, Zeeke, into a zombie. It was supposed to be a prank! He’d be lucky to become a zombie once Pepper found out about this misadventure.
     Marv’s Market had been hosting a Halloween flea market sale and Manny thought he’d found the perfect prank, zombie pet food. Who wouldn’t be horrified by a bloody, frothing at the mouth fluffball? It was the perfect Halloween prank!
     About halfway through eating Zeeke started convulsing and had fallen over dead. It was bad enough that the rabbit had died but worse when he didn’t stay dead. The previously sweet and cuddly rodent was now a bundle of anger and hatred. The Zombbit? Razom? The THING was currently attempting to chew its way out of the cage with a bit more success than Manny was comfortable with.
     Scrambling, Manny furiously started looking up phone numbers for vets before deciding an exorcist would be more ideal. The problem was the one exorcist in the phone book had proclaimed they weren’t qualified for zombies and recommended looking up shamans. There were no shamans in the online phonebook, and where does one even find a shaman nowadays?
     Panic was starting to set in when the doorbell chimed merrily, chimed a second time, and then yet again. What could these people possibly want? Did they not understand Manny was in the middle of a crisis?! Manny flung the door open ready to give this intruder a piece of his mind when his sister waddled in carrying a massive box.
     “About time you answered the door pipsqueak. I thought my arms were going to fall off.”
     Manny stared at his sister with a growing sense of horror. There was no way a zombie rabbit was explainable. The front of the box his sister was carrying was that of a chicken coop meant for Zeeke. He couldn’t help asking what it was for.
     Pepper rolled her eyes and kept moving toward her room. Manny tried everything to prevent his sister from getting to her much-loved pet. Unfortunately, his sister wouldn’t be deterred and went so far as to smash the box into his shins for impeding her way.
     “I can explain! I accidentally turned Zeeke into a zombit,” Manny shouted as his sister pushed her way into her room.
     “PFt. You wish! Zeeke has been a, what did you call him, zombit for a few years.”
     Manny blinked rapidly attempting to determine if he’d heard her correctly. He then looked over to the rabbit now sitting peacefully in his cage. How could his perky, cheerleader sister come a necromancer? The thought simply didn’t compute.
     “So, I suppose it’s about time I told you,” Pepper continued with a grimace. “I zombiefied you about four years ago when you killed Zeeke the First. I zombified Zeeke the Second when you killed him the following year. I mean seriously, who the heck continues to buy the same poisonous zombie pet food year after year as a prank?! You break your ordered routine every stinking year to kill my freaking pet. I figure I might as well let you in on the secret. Surprise! You are my zombie, and I am your necromancer. Happy Halloween!!”