Snowflake Method Spreadsheet for Google Docs

What is the Snowflake Method?  It’s a way to outline your novel, starting with a single sentence, and then building that into a paragraph, then several paragraphs, then pages, and then a full story.

The Snowflake Method* was popularized by Randy Ingermanson and you can read more about it on his website.  He also publishes software that lets you do a much deeper dive into the method than this simple spreadsheet.

Here is the link to the Google Spreadsheet:

If you want to walk through the entire Snowflake Method, then you can start at the first tab and work your way to the right.  If you like to keep track of your scenes and characters in a spreadsheet, you may want to copy only those two sheets out of this file, as they are the most useful once you get your basic plot outlined.

Once you open the spreadsheet, you can go to “File” -> “Make a copy” to save a copy to your own Google Drive.

Good luck!

*  Really, it should be called the snowball method, as that is a much more accessible metaphor than something about fractals.