About Us

The Library was first founded in 2016, then re-founded in 2017, by a group of writers that used Imgur.com, a popular image sharing site. Today, we have over 700 members, including writers of all skill levels.

Why should you join our community? Here are a few of the things we do:

  • We help and encourage each other with discussion of writing projects, questions, bounce ideas off of each other, etc.
  • We commiserate during National Novel Writing Month in November each year, where we try to write 50,000+ words in a month.
  • We have daily writing topic discussions about a specific topic, such as character arcs, writing action scenes, or editing a first draft.
  • We have various ‘contests’ and events, where people write flash fiction, short stories, or poems based on a theme. Like National Novel Writing Month, everyone who participates is a winner.
  • We have critique channels, where people can post work and give/receive feedback. The more critique you give, the more you tend to receive!
  • We have a writing sprint bot with an XP tracking system, so you can sign up for say, “write as many words as you can for 30 minutes”. The bot keeps a timer and multiple people can sprint at the same time to see who can produce the longest piece for the most XP. Call it “gameification” of writing!
  • Our bot has a huge library of over 3,000 writing prompts, separated by genre and fiction/non-fiction. It also has a large library of image prompts and other fun writing commands. These prompts are great for short stories, poems, or even novels if you feel up for it.
  • We have chat rooms for socializing, posting videos and memes, playing games, and voice chatting. These channels are separated from the writing channels, so if you’re just here for the writing, feel free to mute them!

That’s what we do, pretty much. Need some more information before you join? This may help:

  • We have a short Q&A when you join our server. This is mainly to weed out bots, trolls and mean people. When you first join, you won’t see the whole server until you answer the Q&A.
  • We take the rules seriously. People are usually given one warning, and then are banned from the server. We do this to keep our server a positive and welcoming environment. If someone is violating the rules, please inform the moderation team immediately.

The Rules

Our rules are pretty standard for a Discord server:

General Rules

  • 1 – Age 18+ only! If you give yourself away as being under 18, you will be banned.
  • 2 – Don’t ask, don’t tell We don’t need to know someone’s location, sex, name, etc, unless they choose to discuss it.
  • 3 – No racism/sexism/harassment of any sort This includes: dog piling, baiting, and lewd or suggestive behavior directed at any specific member. Obviously there is some gray area here, but a basic rule of thumb should be if someone asks you not to do something please stop.
  • 4 – Keep arguments/politics/religion in DMs We have a “no politics or religion” policy. Argue in your DMs, not here. Do not harass people in DM. If you have an issues with how the server is being run or if someone is harassing you, please DM the moderation team.
  • 5 – Don’t incite drama Also, don’t act as a social justice warmonger. If someone is violating the rules or causing problems, please DM the mods and they’ll take care of it.
  • 6 – We are not your therapists Nor do we encourage self pity. If that’s all you have to offer then this server is not for you. (That includes DM)
  • 7 – Respect the Moderation Team This is the Librarian role. If you feel like you are being judged unfairly please contact the Admin.
  • 8 – Use the appropriate channels See the channel descriptions above for more info, or check the channel descriptions or pinned messages.
  • 9 – Have a taggable name Please make sure others can tag you. This is especially important for mobile. A moderator may change your name if it’s not taggable.
  • 10 – Encourage and Support Writing! We are first and foremost a writing community. We are here to discuss and encourage writing as an art form.

Content Rules

  • 11 – Use Google Docs for #book-dropoff Documents must be clean (no previous comments) and unlocked for commenting.
  • 12 – You must give a critique to get a critique If you put something in #book-dropoff you must critique the piece immediately before your own.
  • 13 – No homework help We are not here to do your homework/job/career assignments for you. This is unethical and not what this server is for.
  • 14 – No nudity, porn, gore, graphic sexual acts, etc This does not apply to written work (but please mark them as NSFW or use the #nsfw writing channel). Foul language is permitted.
  • 15 – Underage NSFW content is strictly forbidden You will be banned and reported to Discord.
  • 16 – Self-promotion and advertising must be approved DM a moderator with your submission for the self-promotion channel.
  • 17 – Do not distribute any content shared from this server (unless you have permission from the writer.)

Our Chatrooms


  • #welcome – New members post their intro!
  • #rules-and-info – Check out our rules and server info here!
  • #staff-intros – Info about the moderation team and what all they do.
  • #announcements – Announcements will be posted here for all.
  • #shameless-self-promotion – Advertise here! (DM a Mod and they will post it)

Writing Events

  • #flash-fiction-competition – Write your best piece of flash fiction!
  • #writing-events – Monthly writing events!
  • #book-dropoff – Post what you’re working on to be critiqued by your peers! PLEASE USE GOOGLE DOCS and please only post your own works.
  • #critiques – For posting critiques of any recent works posted in Book Dropoff. Open to anyone!
  • #critique-discussion – For discussing critiques received in the Critiques channel
  • #sprint – For writing sprints with Archimedes

Writing Chat

  • #writing-chat – For any writing-related topics!
  • #writing-help – Ask for writing related help or post helpful writing tips/links/resources!
  • #write-ideas – For brainstorming – share any ideas and get/give some feedback!
  • #daily-topic – Used to discuss the daily topic!
  • #critique-partners – For finding beta reading partners for your finished story!
  • #na-no-wri-mo – All NaNoWriMo related chat here!

Genre Chat

  • #speculative – For sci-fi, punk, and other speculative genres.
  • #fantasy – For writing everything fantastical and impossible.
  • #romance – For romance writers.
  • #scary-stuff – For mystery/crime/thriller/horror writers.
  • #realism – For contemporary/literary fiction.
  • #fanfiction – For fan fiction, litrpg, etc.
  • #erotica-nsfw – For not-safe-for-work and erotica writing chat.

Non-Writing Chat

  • #general-chat – This is general chat! Talk about anything, but no politics or religion please.
  • #artists-corner – For artists to show off any art! (PLEASE DO NOT POST PORN)
  • #tasteless-food-pics – Post your snacks, heart attack desserts, and delicious edibles here. All amazing food welcome!
  • #media-and-gaming – Post any Media, Links, Gaming stuff (videos, pics, articles, etc)
  • #back-room – Memes and the like
  • #dream-theater – For posting your dream journal. Unlock your creative unconscious!
  • #bot-commands – For all related bot things! (prompts, games, etc)