Here are some useful links to writing topics around the web:


Writing – Process and philosophy
Writing – Practical

Grammar and Punctuation

Writing and Editing


Sounds and Music


  • Google Docs – free cloud-based word processor, spreadsheets, and storage
  • Scrivener – popular paid writing app (for Windows and Mac)
  • yWriter – free Scrivener alternative (for Windows only)
  • Bibisco – free writing app for Windows, Mac, and Linux with paid upgraded version
  • Hemingway App – free online writing tool to analyze your prose, and also a paid downloadable version
  • Microsoft OneNote – free notetaking app
  • LibreOffice – a free word processor and spreadsheet program for desktop use


  • Freewrite – a basic physical word processor for distraction-free writing ($500)
  • AlphaSmart Neo 2 – basically the same thing as the Freewrite but can be had used for about $30
  • If you’re looking for distraction-free writing, you can also use Google Docs, then press the F11 key on your keyboard to take your browser into full-screen mode.  You can then hide most of the Google Docs menus at the top and right side using the arrow icons. See our full tutorial here!